Conservatories have been popular for a long time so now you can find them just about everywhere. They’re the perfect space for unwinding with your family, whether it’s in front of the tv or at the dinner table.

However, one issue that people tend to have is that their conservatory gets too cold in the winter months and too hot in the summer.

It’s probable that you have this problem if you have a conservatory. So how do you get around this? One solution could be to install a solid conservatory roof.

Why fit a conservatory roof?

Putting a solid roof on your conservatory can improve the thermal efficiency of your home. Although they look great, conservatory glass panels tend to lose heat fast. And in hot temperatures, they get too warm when the sun shines in.

A solid conservatory roof will make your conservatory much more pleasant to be in all year round. Through the winter months it’ll be warmer and in the summer it will be cooler.

How long will it take to fit?

If you use a quality conservatory roof fitter, you could have a new roof on your conservatory within a couple of days. A good contractor will be able to get the exterior roof up and water tight in just a few hours.

Improve the appearance of your conservatory

After they’ve been up for a few years, traditional conservatory roofs start to look tired and dirty. Even if you’re not bothered about your conservatory temperature, consider getting a solid conservatory roof to give it a great new look.

Solid conservatory roofs tend to be simpler to clean compared to conventional roofs and require considerably less maintenance. Contrary to popular opinion, they can look good and turn your conservatory into an elegant glazed extension.

Whether you need a solid conservatory roof to increase your thermal efficiency or simply to boost the look of your conservatory, make sure you get up to 4 quotes so you get the best price.

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