Building a conservatory can be an excellent way to increase the living space in your property. However, many homeowners frequently meet issues that stop them using their conservatory as an all-season space.

We believe that you should enjoy your home and make the most of your conservatory throughout the year. So we’ve found solutions to 3 of the most common issues that might stop your conservatory being an all-season room.

Issue 1: My conservatory’s too hot in the summer

One common issue that stops homeowners using their conservatories all year round is that they get too hot in the summer. Even with doors and windows open, conservatories can simply get too hot and stuffy to be in when temperature levels reach a particular point.


There are a number of things you can do to fix this issue. If you’re aiming to keep your costs relatively low, try buying some blinds. These will reduce the quantity of sunlight that enters your conservatory and stop it getting quite so hot and stuffy.

If you’re open to investing a bit more, another option is to fit a solid conservatory roof. These are much more insulated than standard conservatory roofs and allow considerably less sunlight in. This will help you lower the temperature in your conservatory and make it a lot comfier.

Issue 2: My conservatory’s too cold in the winter

Another typical conservatory issue is that they get too cold in the winter. Lots of individuals entirely cross out their conservatory as a living space over winter, which can enormously limit how much space they have in their home.


There are a few good ways to prevent a cold conservatory. Fitting insulated blinds is a great start – they’ll prevent drafts and help to keep the cold air out. Plus, they work all year round if your conservatory gets too hot in the summer too.

Another option is to develop your conservatory’s heating. If it doesn’t have any, consider installing underfloor heating or radiators. If this seems like too much hassle or expense to you, try getting some portable electric heaters instead. These can increase your heating bills a bit, but this can be worth it if they turn your conservatory into an all-season space.

Fitting a solid conservatory roof is an alternative solution for this issue too. The extra insulation that a solid roof provides will minimise the amount of warm air that leaves your conservatory and help to keep it comfortable for longer.

Issue 3: My conservatory’s too noisy in the rain

Rain can also be something that stops your conservatory becoming an all-season area. Rain and hail drumming on your conservatory windows can be really loud and stop you using the space at particular times of the year.


There are several ways to fight a noisy conservatory issue. Try fitting your conservatory with dense, fabric blinds and decorating it with carpets and soft furnishings. These will all absorb noise and help to make the space quieter when the weather’s doing its worst.

You could likewise (yes, you’ve got it) set up a solid conservatory roof to help resolve this issue. Solid roofs provide sound as well as heat insulation, so will reduce the amount of noise that rain and hail make when they hit your conservatory.

These solutions should help you adapt your conservatory to increase its value and turn it into an all-season living area.

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