A conservatory is a fantastic addition to any home, giving you additional space for you to relax in. But if you do not look after on your conservatory and let it get grubby, it will soon become a place that you wish to avoid instead of delight in.

So how can you keep your conservatory looking sparkly and clean? Luckily there are a couple of easy methods to guarantee your conservatory remains in good condition. Continue reading to hear our top 5 conservatory cleaning ideas.

1. Keep your rain gutters clear

It’s easy for your guttering to get blocked with leaves and debris, particularly in times of heavy rain. Ensure you get up safely on a ladder and eliminate anything that has got stuck in the gutters, particularly in the autumn when leaves will be coming down.

2. Don’t use the power washer

It can be appealing to simply blast the dirt from your conservatory with a power washer, but you need to avoid this conservatory cleaning method. The force of the water could be too strong and shatter the glass or remove the panels.

Alternatively, get a telescopic window cleaner and window solvent cleaner and begin with the top. That way you’ll give the glass panels at the bottom an excellent clean before you get to them, making it much easier on your arms.

3. Do not climb up onto your conservatory roof

This is a dreadful idea. Not only might you fall off and injure yourself, you might fall through your conservatory! Use a ladder to go up to roof level and then utilise a brush to sweep away any dirt. Then use your telescopic window cleaner to reach up to the top of the roofing system and clean the dirt away.

4. Get rid of moss

Moss and mould makes your conservatory look much older than it is. Buy a cleaner that is particularly for dealing with moss and mould and apply this after you have swept and washed your conservatory. This should prevent any growth in the future.

5. Always remember to check inside

If you have a issue with ventilation in your conservatory, you may find that there is moss or mould on the inside. Try washing any mould off with a bowl of water and washing up liquid, which will not damage the seals.

Are you prepared to get on with some conservatory cleaning? Try these 5 ideas and see if your conservatory scrubs up well!

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